Sick of Struggling to Get In Shape Only to End Up Feeling Frustrated, Deprived, and Defeated?
Now, You Can Get My Success “Blueprint” For Becoming Lean, Fit, and Healthy (For Good).
And It Won't ONLY Help You To Shed Body Fat. It Will Help You Feel Strong, Confident, and Empowered in 90 Days...Guaranteed.
Hey, Sean Flanagan here...

Do you want to lose weight, but struggle to feel motivated to do it?

I don’t blame you.

If you’re like most women, the words “weight loss” immediately conjure up feelings of deprivation and not being able to have your favorite foods.

You feel restricted...and it takes every ounce of willpower to stop yourself from eating ALL the things.

You feel rundown and sore from long workout sessions.

And then after all the step on the scale, and what do you see?

No change.

All this torture can’t be for you get more impatient.

You become MORE upset with your body and mad at yourself.

Until finally, you just say “screw it!”.

You stop killing yourself with hours upon hours each week of cardio.

You start eating whatever you want and how much you want.

You become indifferent about reaching your goals… until you start feeling bad again.

You discover how much weight you’ve gained since your last weight loss attempt.

You notice that routine, daily tasks take more energy and effort than they used to.

And you like what you see in the mirror and photographs less than ever before.

Luckily, there is another way.
You Don’t Have to Force Yourself to Endure Miserable Workouts or Hardcore Diets.
It’s not that you lack motivation or willpower.

You just lack the motivation to endure misery.

That’s a good thing. That’s a healthy attitude towards misery. Probably the best attitude, actually.

But after years and years of being “all-or-nothing”, you can’t picture another way.

You can’t think about “losing weight” without picturing a huge time commitment.

Without picturing the feelings of deprivation.

And without picturing the general sense of being at war with your body and cravings.

No wonder you don’t feel motivated!
You Don’t Need to Trick Your Brain Into Feeling Motivated. You Need to Change The Process of Getting in Shape Into An Empowering Experience.
It's not willpower that separates people who reach their fitness goals vs those who don't.

It's not that they have a higher tolerance for misery than you do.

What keeps them going and getting results is that they find the process rewarding.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re doing things in the best possible way. It just means that they get enough rewards
from what they do so they feel motivated to stick to their plan.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Weight loss isn’t a good enough reward.

I get have weight loss goals. But it takes time to see progress there.

When you factor in water retention weight, you often have to wait one month or longer to see a clear change on the scale.

It’s REALLY tough to endure a process that you hate when the only rewards are few and far between.

The trick is to create MORE rewards.

To make progress in ways that you can see week-to-week.

And to ENJOY what you’re doing so that it itself is rewarding.

Imagine for a moment…

How much more successful would you be if you actually LIKED working out and making diet changes?

A bit hard to picture, right?

But it can happen…and that’s exactly what I am here to talk to you about today.
You Can Change “Getting In Shape” From Being a Miserable Experience to One That You Love.
With my Fit Body Blueprint for Women program, you don’t simply get workouts. You get a complete system for transforming your body and transforming your relationship with health and fitness.

This is accomplished with a 3-pronged approach...

Step 1: Fall in Love With Getting Stronger. Exercise doesn’t have to be something that only makes you tired and sweaty. And you don’t need to burn 1,000s of calories with every workout. Strength training is the most effective form of exercise for transforming your body and it’s not about working out HARDER. It’s about working out SMARTER.

Strength training makes the difference between losing weight and losing fat. By stimulating your muscle tissue, you signal to your body that it should hold onto your muscle mass. By protecting your muscle tissue, you then lose more of the weight that you want to lose, fat.

Beyond that, it transforms fitness into an empowering experience. It becomes thrilling to watch yourself become stronger each week.

Step 2: Make Nutritional Changes That Truly Work For You. If you want to be successful at getting in shape, you need to stop with all-or-nothing behavior.

You need to stop alternating between extreme diets and eating like you’ve always eaten. The alternative is to focus on realistic and sustainable habit changes. They might feel like small changes at the time, but they add up fast. And they benefit you in ways far beyond weight loss.

You can trust yourself more with food.

You can have more energy and plain feel better.

And you can stop stressing out all the time about food and feeling ashamed if you have the “wrong” thing.

Step 3: Build Inner Strength and Self-Compassion. Being strong and comfortable in your skin isn’t purely a physical experience. By making changes to your mindset and self-talk, you can have more confidence.

You can enjoy the process of getting in shape more.

And you can become more resilient to challenges that come your way.
When You’ve Been At War With Your Body For So Long, It Feels Like It Will ALWAYS Be That Way. 

 Here’s What You Can Experience Instead:
  •  Know that you’re on the right path to reaching your goals so you can stop obsessing over what number the scale shows.
  •  Discover ways of eating and exercising that you truly enjoy and that have benefits far beyond weight loss.
  •  Have more energy and live a more active lifestyle and eat enough food to support that lifestyle. 
  •  Savor and enjoy your favorite treats without guilt or shame. Know that you can make room for them in your diet while still moving towards your goals. 
  •  Let go of the weight of shame and self-criticism as you start to see all the ways that you are capable of making changes.
  •  Feel better all around and have fewer cravings for high-calorie sugary foods.
  •  Have more confidence wearing your favorite clothes (including your old jeans collecting dust).
  •  Feel stronger and sexier as you not only burn fat and tone up, but also discover what you’re truly capable of.
  •  Spend more time on the things in your life that matter the most to you. When you're able to reach your goals in less time each week, you will have more time to invest elsewhere.
  •  Consistently express your values as a person who practices and models healthy habits.
Here’s What You Get in the Fit Body Blueprint for Women System:
  • Fit Body Blueprint Strength Training Workouts (3 Phases). Every 4-6 weeks, you’ll switch things up and build on the results that you made in the previous phase.
  • Fit Body Blueprint Nutrition Program. Make healthy habit changes that work for your life. Follow step-by-step directions for how to succeed with each change. No drastic overhauling of your life; just pick one habit to practice for 2-4 weeks before moving on to the next one.
  • 7-Day Habit Self-Assessment Journal to help give you additional clarity on what changes to your diet and lifestyle will make the biggest differences. Using this simple tool a few weeks each year as you work through the nutrition program is as close as you can get to having your own expert habit coach guiding you through your own program for free.
  • Fit Body Blueprint Mindset Program. Transform how you view and treat yourself one habit at a time (just like with the nutrition habits).
  • Fit Body Blueprint Lifestyle Habit Tutorials. Free up time and energy so you can bring more focus and enthusiasm to changing your eating and exercise habits (and living the life you want to live).
  • Fit Body Blueprint Body Transformation Guide that teaches you how to track changes in your body so you know when to change course, answers the “what about cardio?” question, and breaks down the process for adding lean body mass into a few simple steps.
  • Fit Body Blueprint Exercise Database. Watch video tutorials for each exercise in one of three ways. In each workout program, the exercise names link to related videos. There are also two exercise databases; PDF and members-only online database.
You Also Get...
  • Home Workout Substitution Guide. For the best results, a stocked gym is recommended for the FBB workouts. But there are going to be times where you need to squeeze in a workout at home. This reference guide shows you how you can perform the key exercises with some basic home gym equipment. You can even reference a version of the exercise database that includes these substitutions.
  • Time-Crunched Versions of the Workouts. Don't have time for a full workout? No worries! I will show you exactly what movements to focus on to get the best "bang" for your buck.
  • A "Cheat Sheet" for Your Warm Ups and Cool Downs so you don’t forget what to do during these important and often-neglected components of your workout sessions.
  • Training Journals for Each Workout. If you want to make the best progress possible, keeping a workout journal is key. I give you a PDF file and an excel file for each workout, so you can print out or use it on the device of your choice.
  • Clear instructions on how to perform every aspect of the program.
  • Private group support and feedback where you can tag me with any questions you have. Connect with other women going through the program so you can stay focused and motivated. And feel free to share your successes. :-)
Here’s What Fit Body Blueprint Customers Have to Say:
I could start to see results within the first couple weeks. The only change I made at the time was using the blueprint. The program is great and the best part is that the plan and common sense behind it are sustainable for years to come!”

-Bridget Murphy

“The Fit Body Blueprint for Women is wonderful! Sean’s no-nonsense program is easy to follow and appropriate for all levels of fitness. The Fit Body Blueprint is helping me gain strength, confidence, and well-being for life.

-Christine Green

“I LOVE the Fit Body Blueprint. I’ve always been a cardio girl – I’d cardio forever and could never make resistance training “stick”. A lot of the reason was that I did not really know HOW to even begin. Now, I go to the gym and I don’t mess around.”

-Cyndi Halfast

“I've really liked the program. I haven't been too technical with measuring progress, but I can tell you that I'm down to about 134 from 138 without trying to lose any weight. I have an 8-month-old baby but I'm now fitting into clothes that I haven't fit into since I had my first baby almost 4 years ago.”

-Courtney Fox

“I’ve been physically active most of my life, and I prefer to workout at home by myself. I've never had a personal trainer, but I’ve used several programs from various sources and Fit Body Blueprint has been my favorite by far.

The customer support is amazing and something I’ve never had before. Sean always answered my questions pertaining to proper form and alternative exercises.The program allowed me to continue building up my strength which was amazing because as I was working my way through FBB I was also in the process of building a healthy relationship with food and learning to love the body I have. Fit Body Blueprint was a perfect fit for me.”

-Teri Eckhoff

90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
I’m confident that if you implement every aspect of this program, you will experience a profound shift in your fitness, eating habits, and mindset. If not, just email my assistant Jen at within the next 90 days, request a refund, and we will process your refund in 2 business days or less.
Starting Today You Can...
  • Shed body fat without endless cardio or restrictive dieting. Be proud of your results without feeling like you’re at war with your body.
  •  Become more efficient in your workout routine. Save yourself countless wasted hours of little-bang-for-your-buck exercises and spend more time doing the things you love (outside of the gym).
  • Find what works for your life and your body. Get results doing your own thing without getting confused by all the conflicting advice out there.
  •  Improve your relationship with food. Lose weight, shape your body, and get healthier while enjoying your favorite foods.
  •  Become stronger. Build the physical and mental resilience you need so you can roll with life’s punches.
  •  Learn to LOVE your healthy lifestyle. Enjoy being active and practicing healthy habits because they make you feel healthy, strong, and empowered (not deprived and miserable).
  •  Build confidence. Become proud of not JUST about how you look wearing your favorite clothes, but also what you know you can accomplish.
To Recap, Here's What You Get...
  • Easy-to-follow and effective workout programs including 3 months (or more) of strength training workouts and clear guidelines on how to incorporate cardio (if you want to at all).
  • A step-by-step system for improving your eating habits that’s simple and non-restrictive.
  • A simple and non-restrictive step-by-step system for improving your eating habits.
  • Tutorials for "mental habits" you can practice to become more resilient to setbacks and have greater confidence.
  • Access to the private Fit Body Blueprint customer support group where you can ask me any questions about the program.
  • ...and more.
Grab Your Copy Today and Take the Next Step Towards Being Lean, Fit, and Healthy.
You don’t have to keep forcing yourself to follow diets and exercise programs that you hate.

You don’t have to continue being afraid to step onto the scale.

Just because trying to get in shape has always been a miserable experience in the past does NOT mean that you have to keep alternating between “all” and “nothing” forever.

You can learn how to achieve balance and true, healthy moderation.

You can move steadily towards your weight loss goals while racking up “non-scale victories” that boost your confidence far beyond the power of only changing your figure.

The Fit Body Blueprint for Women Program is a 100% digital program that you can download today and start using right away (no matter where you are in the world).

But this is more than just a program that you download. The level of customer service is unparalleled. I personally go through the Fit Body Blueprint support group at least once a day to make sure that your questions are answered and you are clear on what step you need to take next to move towards your goals.

I could easily turn the Fit Body Blueprint for Women into a paid membership program that costs $199 or more per year. But you can get started today for as low as a one-time payment of just $59 $49.

Why such a low price? Because I know this isn’t the first time you’ve tried to become healthy and get in shape. And most likely, you’ve been burned by other weight loss programs in the past. I want to show you that there are methods that can truly work for you, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to discover that for yourself.

That said, I can’t guarantee that this price will last forever.

Grab your copy right now and declare your commitment to being the healthiest version of yourself you can be.

Just click a button below to take the next step.
Order Now and Get Started Today!
Fit Body Blueprint Level 1
  •  FBB Strength Training Program (3 Phases)
  •  FBB Nutrition Program
  •  FBB Mindset Program
  •  FBB Lifestyle Habit Tutorials
  •  FBB 7-Day Habit Self-Assessment Journal
  •  FBB Body Transformation Guide
  •  And more.
Fit Body Blueprint Level 1 AND Level 2
  •  FBB Strength Training Program (3 Phases for Level 1)
  •  FBB Nutrition Program
  •  FBB Mindset Program
  •  FBB Lifestyle Habit Tutorials
  •  FBB 7-Day Habit Self-Assessment Journal
  •  FBB Body Transformation Guide
  •  And more.
  •  PLUS... The Fit Body Blueprint Level 2 Strength Training Program Co-Created with Rolando Real (12-Months).
Try it and love it or it's free! Email me to cancel within the next 30 days to cancel. Otherwise, you'll be charged a one-time payment of $49.
You Might Be Wondering...
"Do I need to be in shape to get started?”
No. This program is suitable for all levels except for advanced strength trainees. If you have done some strength training, this program will likely be more comprehensive than other programs you've done. If these are literally your first workouts, just start off extra cautious as not to push yourself too hard too fast. Start off lightly and ask questions in the private Facebook group if you need suggestions on alternative exercises.
“What makes this “for women”? This isn’t an endless sea of high-repetition exercises using pink dumbbells, is it?”
Nope, you will learn how to safely and confidently perform real strength training and lift real weights!

The strength training workouts are designed to strengthen your entire body while also enhancing certain areas that help to create the type of look that women often strive for.

Translation: Any man can do it, as long as they don’t mind developing nicely shaped glutes. ;-)  
“How long does each workout take?"
You should expect to be done in about an hour and the program calls for ideally 3x per week (2x is pretty good too!). If you need to abbreviate your workouts, I give directions on exactly how to do so for your goals in the Time-Crunched Workout Guide.
"Can I do this at home?"
This program is designed to be as effective as possible, and that means a decent variety of equipment is required. If you have an extensive home gym set up, you can make it work with very few modifications.
"What kind of product is this? Are you going to send it in the mail?"
This product is 100% digital. All the files are contained in a ZIP folder. I recommend downloading it onto a computer. If you want to download it onto a mobile device, you will likely need to download an app for opening ZIP folders (and perhaps additional apps for opening the files inside).
"Can I buy this no matter where I live?"
Yup! As long as you have the internet, which you clearly do. The nutrition plans can and should include your favorite foods that you have access to locally.
Order Now and Get Started Today!
Fit Body Blueprint Level 1
  •  FBB Strength Training Program (3 Phases)
  •  FBB Nutrition Program
  •  FBB Mindset Program
  •  FBB Lifestyle Habit Tutorials
  •  FBB 7-Day Habit Self-Assessment Journal
  •  FBB Body Transformation Guide
  •  And more.
Fit Body Blueprint Level 1 AND Level 2
  •  FBB Strength Training Program (3 Phases for Level 1)
  •  FBB Nutrition Program
  •  FBB Mindset Program
  •  FBB Lifestyle Habit Tutorials
  •  FBB 7-Day Habit Self-Assessment Journal
  •  FBB Body Transformation Guide
  •  And more.
  •  PLUS... The Fit Body Blueprint Level 2 Strength Training Program Co-Created with Rolando Real (12-Months).
Try it and love it or it's free! Email me to cancel within the next 30 days to cancel. Otherwise, you'll be charged a one-time payment of $49.
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